HREM Research News – September 2021

SmartAlign v2.6.1 releasedWe further optimized the CPU code for the SI-Non-Rigid Alignment (NRA).The processing speed will be improved approximately in proportion to the number of cores of the multi-core CPU. IWFR v2.0.3 releasedWe further reviewed and modified the none mode of cross-correlation used for image alignment and refinement.

HREM Research News – June 2021

HREM-Filters v4.1.1 releasedThis release includes two bug fixes for Create Upsampled Image and Local 2D Wiener/Difference Filter, respectively. The former was introduced when we add new capability, and the latter will happen at a special circumstance. Please all the users update their copy.

HREM Research News – March 2021

PPA v4.0 is formally releasedThis release includes Distortion Analysis. Using Distortion Analysis you can analyze a peak distance and angle from the peak-pairs information and the peak positions of a complexstructure. Furthermore, you can calculate a rotation of a structural unit (e.g. tetrahedron or octahedron), or investigate the peak displacement for electric dipole analysis. SmartAlign …

HREM Research News – December 2020

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