Title (Description)AuthorSystem
KsEELS (Acquire high-resolution EELS by accumulations)K. KimotoDM3.8-
HREM Filters Lite (Noise Filters for HREM images)HREMGMS1.7-/2.x/3.x
IPU (Image Processing Utility)HREMGMS1.7-/2.x/3.x
HREM Mouse (Mouse Tool for Scripter)HREMGMS1.7-/2.x/3.x
Acquire Image Series
(Acquire Through-focus/Fixed-focus TEM/STEM images)
HREM Picker (Picker Tool)HREMGMS1.7-/2.x/3.x
Spectrum Wobbler (Spectrum Wobbler)HREMGMS2.x/3.x
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  3. HREM Research Inc. will neither take responsibility for any problems caused by Citation-ware, nor guarantee its functionality.