This package allows (a) multiple EEL spectrum acquisition and (b) drift-correction for low-loss spectra. Energy-loss scale/origin is automatically calibrated


Installation (necessary)

  1. Copy ‘KsEELSPackage’ and ‘CAEMDialog’ in ‘Packages’ folder in the DigitalMicrograph folder.
  2. Run DigitalMicrograph. [Ks EELS] menu is available.
  3. [KsEELS]-[Acquisition Setup] and select tab. Input energy dispersion values from #1, in the order in pull-down menu of ‘Filter Control’. One can input a re-calibrated value such as 0.201 for ‘0.2 eV/ch’.

EEL spectrum acquisition

  1. [KsEELS]-[Acquire Multiple Spectra]
  2. Confirm Exposure time and Number of Measurements in tab.
  3. Push OK to start an acquisition.
  4. Hit space bar to abort. One can see an acquisition process in progress window.
  5. CCD area for acquiring EEL spectra is set in [KsEELS]-[ Acquisition Setup] tab

About the name of acquired EEL spectra.

  1. The names of acquired results consist of a header and a suffix.
  2. The header of acquired spectra is set as “Sample Name” + “Energy loss value”. The “Energy loss value” is the calibrated value at ‘Zero-loss Position (pixel)’ in K’sEELS- tab. The energy-loss origin is calibrated using EnergyShift, SpectrumOffset, and DriftTube in FilterControl.
  3. The suffix “_3D” denotes for multiple spectra stored as a different layer, “_Sum(N)” for the simple sum of N spectra (N is the number of acquisitions), and “_prj” for a simple vertical projection.

Get Shifted Sum

  1. [KsEELS] – [Get Shifted Sum] (This menu is available only for low-loss spectrum).
  2. Dead line of zero loss (eV) is used to select acceptable spectra using full width at half maximum of zero-loss peak

References and Technical Notes


GIF, DigitalMicrograph, and FilterControl are products of Gatan, Inc.
The information provided in this document is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind.


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