xHREMTM: HREM Simulation Suite

New Version (v4.5) is available now!

xHREMTM (WinHREMTM/MacHREMTM) is a suite of the high-resolution electron microscope (HREM) simulation programs that will run under both Windows and Max OS. This emerges from the HREM image simulation programs based on FFT multislice technique developed at Arizona State University, USA. This is one of the most reliable and efficient HREM image simulation programs in the world. Computing speed is optimized by using Intel’s Math Kernal Library (MKL).

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Manual (PDF format)

References and Technical Notes

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Commercial Programs (Licensed Programs)

You have to purchase a license (hardware key) to run this program.
Please send your price enquiry to support@hremresearch.com.

New Features

  • xHREM at v3.6 (Oct. 2011): see the details
  • STEM Extension at v4.4 (Nov. 2018): Second annular detector.
    You can calculate at the same time two images from annular detectors, such as HAADF and ABF images, or HAADF and LAADF images.
  • STEM Extension at v4.5 (Sept. 2020): DPC signal simulation
    Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) signal can be simulated with this version. The DPC signal can be integrated to give a phase distribution by using the qDPC plug-in for DigitalMicroscope.
    STEM-DPC ReadMe
    STEM-DPC bata for Windows

From xHREM v3.6 a HASP HL (SRM) key is required. The users who are using a HASP4 key or an old HASP HL key need to upgrade their key to a new HASP HL (SRM) key.
Please contact to support@hremresearch.com for the cost to upgrade your key.

Free Programs/Utilities

  • ModelView (3D Atomic Model Viewer)      Windows      MacOS
  • CTF (TEM Contrast Transfer Function Display)      Windows      MacOS