Device Driver (HASP HL/SRM Run-time GUI Installer)

for Windows Sentinel HASP Driver for Windows (v8.51)
for Mac OS Sentinel HASP Driver for Mac OS (v8.51)
You may find the latest driver at Sentinel LDK RunTime & Drivers page

RUS (Remote Update System) (Windows only)

NOTE: Use the latest HASP Driver and the RUS corresponding to the license.
for DeConvEELS/DeConvHAADF/HREMFiltersPro/MSA/Jitterbug/SmartAlign/qDPC
for QPt/IWFR/FTSR/GPA/PPA/HoloDark/QED/qHAADF/sMoire/EDT/HoloLive!
for xHREM Suite

How to Update your License

NOTE: There is a charge for license update. Please contact support for update fees.

  1. Collect current license information (c2v file): Run the RUS with one dongle attached, and press “collect information” button.
  2. Update license: Run the RUS again with the dongle attached, select the new license information (v2c file) that will be sent from us, and press “Apply Update” button.