• DeConvEELS (EELS Deconvolution)
    The DeConvEELS improves energy resolution of Electron Energy Loss Spectrum (EELS) by performing deconvolution using a low-loss or zero-loss spectrum with the Maximum Entropy Method or the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm.

  • MSA (Multivariate Statistical Analysis)
    The MSA substantially removes the random noise from the SI (spectrum image) data, and makes each spectrum clear based on the PCA (Principle Comport Analysis) that is the most popular Multivariate Statistical Analysis.

  • QED (Quantitative Electron Diffraction) for ALCHEMI
    EELS and/or EDX spectra can be acquired by controlling the electron beam direction with the QED.

  • SmartAlign (Scan-distortion Compensator)
    The SmartAlign corrects stage/scan drift and scan distortion by applying rigid and non-rigid image alignment to the fast-acquisition multi-frame STEM images. You can align other images, including the SI (Spectrum Image) data, using the determined distortion information.