HREM-Filters are sophisticated Wiener and Difference filters that extract a periodic feature from the noisy image. Since our filters can use locally-estimated two-dimensional background, they work even for non-ideal crystals, such as a nano-crystal or cylindrical crystal (as shown in the Flier). Furthermore, the iterative filters based on the random noise model for the background effectively reduce the shot noise (random noise/white noise) keeping non-periodic features. This is especially effective for a low-dose (S)TEM image.

Another feature of HREM-Filters is up-sampling filter. The data acquisition is often performed at a high magnification to obtain good looking images. Using upsampling, the data acquisition can be done at the optimum magnification, and smoothed images can be displayed by upsampling the acquired images. Using this technique a wider area can be observed at once in a single image. Using the Realtime module (optional), the upsampling will drastically change the data acquisition strategy.

Realtime module (the license for Realtime module is required) Read More

HREM-Filters Lite
When you install the HREM-Filters Lite, you can use some basic features of the <HREM-Filters Pro> and <Realtime-module> free of charge.

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