This is a service for replacing an emission tip on a used VG FEG base. During the tip replacement we have to polish the welding surfaces before re-welding a tip-supporting wire. Therefore, you may not use our service endlessly for each base. Nevertheless, our replacement service may be used four (4) or five (5) times for each good conditioned base, if the base has no similar service previously.

Our tips have been shipped to:

  • IBM, Thomas J Watson Research Center, NY
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Solid State Division, TN
  • Toray Research Center, Inc., Japan
  • Other Universities and Companies all over the world

Voice from our users…
I had no mechanical problems installing your tip. I did keep the tip under vacuum for a few weeks before installation. The outgassing and initial emission was very normal. I am finding that the tip is very reliable. I’ll be happy to discuss it with anyone who is considering your service. (Dr. Philip E. Batson of IBM)

We have no problems installing your tip, but we do bake your tips to @ 350 C overnight (8 to 10 hrs) under vacuum before installing. Your tips seem to be as good as VG’s. (Dr. Bill Sides of Oak Ridge National Laboratory)


SCHEDULE: The tip replacement service has been scheduling every end of two months, i.e., January, March, May, July, September and November. Please check availability for your tip replacement service before sending your tip to us, we can replace a limited number of tips at each time. The base should be arrived at least one month before the each scheduled date. DON’T SEND YOUR BASE WITHOUT GETTING YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER FROM US:

PRICE: US$980.00 for each base.

PAYMENT: Bank Transfer within net 30 days.

WARRANTY: If the tip does not give a good emission, we will replace the tip again (one time) without any further charges. Of course, we guarantee this replacement only when the base is kept in a vacuum desiccator before making use of it. In this case, please report the details of installation process and results.

Note: Since our tip is fully annealed, we don’t expect a large tip displacement that requires a readjustment by breaking the vacuum. However, the annealing is performed in a low vacuum, not in an ultra-high vacuum. THEREFORE, THE BASE SHOULD BE BAKE OUT SUFFICIENTLY IN THE GUN CHAMBER, AND THEN YOU MAY HAVE TO BLUNT THE TIP BEFORE TRYING TO GET AN EMISSION.