HREM Research News-July 2023

1. Template Matching module v3.0Modification to support SmartAlign v3.0. 2. Acquire Image Series v1.5Modification to support 1 byte data of DigiScan. 3. sMoire 1.3.4, IWFR v2.0.4, QPt v4.0.2Modification for Acquire Image Series v1.5. 4. HREM Picker v1.2Optimization of Map capability for 4D-STEM data, and addition of Map capability for 3D-SI data. 5. IPU v3.0.4Modification to …

HREM Research News-June 2023

1. xHREM v5.3From this release, Mac users will be able to use GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), including Apple Silicon, with OpenCL.Currently, a strange problem occurs on Mac installation, when all the utilities are copied at once. However, this problem will be dodged by a simple procedure (please consult Important Note included in the dmg file).

HREM Research News-May 2023

1. QPt v4.0.1Following the release of v4.0 last month, we have improved the behavior of Knife Edge. Furthermore, a problem with phase calculation in the case of GMS 3.4 has been resolved.Since QPt v4.0 is a major update, you need to update your license, if “Future not Found” is displayed.

HREM Research News-April 2023

1. QPt v4.0Image Alignment is crucially important for QPt to obtain a good phase image.In this version, the alignment schemes were reorganized and reinforced.Since this is a major update, when you get a message “Future not Found”, your license is too old and have to be updated.