Quantitative Differential Phase Contrast (qDPC) with 4D STEM and Segmented Detector modules

The qDPC integrates DPC (Differential Phase Contrast) signals to obtain a phase contrast image. The qDPC gives a boundary-artifact-free solution using DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) contrary to the solution given by FFT (Fast Fourier transform). The qDPC has also a real-time integration capability that is ideal for the segmented detector (Optional Segmented Detector module).

4D STEM module for qDPC (the license for 4D-STEM module is required)
The 4D STEM module creates more quantitative DPC signals at each 2D diffraction pattern than those from the segment detector. Then, the calculated DPC signals can be processed by qDPC to give a quantitative phase distribution. There are two modules for Gatan STEMx and JEOL 4DCanvas, respectively.

Segment Detector (SD) module (the license for SD module is required)
The SD module captures the signals from the segmented detector using Gatan’s DigiScan II, and calculates a phase distribution in real time. Therefore, you can see the phase image and other STEM image(s), such as HAADF image, with the progress of the scan using the SD module.



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