HREM Research News – November 2020

  1. GPA v4.12 released
    Currently, the effect of scan-line distortion on the strain maps is reduced by eliminating its effect on the phase map. Namely, the scan-line correction is applied to the phase maps.
    Now, we have added the command to apply the scan-line correction to the original STEM image. This command uses the functionality of the Displacement field of the GPA. This is especially useful, when you want to eliminate the scan-line distortion of the STEM image itself.
    The start point of each scan-line of the atomic resolution STEM image fluctuates in 2-dimensions. It is well know that its effect appears a wavy fluctuation of the the atomic column positions along the direction perpendicular to the scan-lines. However, it is not well recognized that the distance between the scan-lines is also fluctuates. The Scan-line Correction command reduces this 2-dimension distortion.
  1. SmartAlign v2.51 released
    Bug fix for the Median Equalization that will be used for AFM users.