HREM Research News – October 2020

  1. IWFR 2.0 released
    Currently, the IWFR reconstructs the exit wave function (EWF) assuming a constant defocus step. However, using the reconstructed EWF, the defocus values can be refined by the Refine command. Then, using the newly determined the IWFR reconstruct a new EWF without assuming the constant defocus step. By repeating the Refine and IWFR we can estimate a better defocus values. In this release, the implementation has been redesigned so that the Refine and IWFR work together seamlessly.
  2. HREH-Filters v4.1 released
    In this release, the Realtime filter module has been improved. It is now possible to check the periodicity and information limits of the sample under observation by looking at the Power Spectrum displayed in real-time. Along with this update, the HREM-Filters itself and IPU have also been updated.