HREM Research News – September 2020

  1. Jitterbug v3.5 released
    From this version the MCR (Matlab Compiler Runtime) is no longer needed.
    To do so we have changed the algorithm to determine the best peak size, but the similar results have been obtained.
  2. xHREM/STEM Extension v4.6 beta released
    The capability to calculate the STEM-DPC signals is added to the STEM
    Extension. Here, the DPC signals is calculated as the center of mass (the Intensity) that corresponds to the signal expected from the pixelated detector.
    In the case of the segmented detector, the DPC signal may depend on the detector radius and/or direction. However, the calculated DPC signal can be thought of as an approximate signal from the segmented detector. This is a free-upgrade. Please try when you are interested in the DPC technique.
    You can obtain the phase distribution from the DPC signals using the qDPC plug-in.