HREM Research News – February 2021

  1. xHREM v4.6 released
    This release includes the STEM Extension, with which you can simulate the DPC signal. For the users who can execute the latest xHREM v4.5 this is a free update.
    If you can not use xHREM v4.6, your license is too old, and you may have to upgrade your license. Please contact us for the upgrade cost.
    If you upgrade your license this time, your license is valid for the next version v5.0 (see below) that will be released in this spring.
  1. xHREM/STEM Extension v5.0 beta uploaded
    We have made the STEM Extension compatible with the NVIDIA GPU at this version. When we use a single GPU, STEM calculation will be accelerated a few ten times compared with a single core of the CPU.
    Although our xHREM will run on a multi-core CPU, almost ten times acceleration can be attained with a single GPU. Furthermore, our GPU version will run with multi GPUs.
    Since the next version (v5.0) is a major update, the license upgrade is necessary expect the users who have purchased the license recently.