HREM Research News – April 2021

  1. SmartAlign Template Matching module v2.5.2
    This release of the Template Matching module is the bug-fix that is introduced by updating the SmartAlign.
  1. xHREM/STEM Extension v5.0 beta update
    We have updated the STEM Extension compatible with the NVIDIA GPU.
    When we use a single GPU, STEM calculation will be accelerated a few ten times compared with a single core of the CPU. Although our xHREM will run on a multi-core CPU, almost ten times acceleration can be attained with a single GPU.
    Since the next version v5.0 with the STEM GPU is a major update, the license upgrade is necessary expect the users who have purchased the license recently.
  1. Realtime capability of HREM-Filters Lite
    Using the license-free HREM-Filters Lite, you can use the realtime capability acting on the View mode of the TEM/STEM, although there is some restrictions.
    When you use the upsampling capability, you can observe a wider ares of the sample using the same number of pixels, which will radically change the data acquisition strategy.
    Enhanced background capability that visualizes the periodic structure in live from a low contrast image without accumulating the frames, requires the licenses of the HREM-Filters Pro and Realtime module.
  1. IPU update
    The license-freeIPU plug-in is used by almost all our plug-ins.When you update any of our plug-in, please always update the IPU plug-in.