HREM Research News – October 2021

QPt 3.5 releasedThe new manual in the pdf format comes with this release. From this version we stop to support QPt Pro, which emulates the modalities for phase imaging in optical microscopy. We hope this will not affect the existing users, since there is no counterpart in electron microscopy.

HREM Research News – September 2021

SmartAlign v2.6.1 releasedWe further optimized the CPU code for the SI-Non-Rigid Alignment (NRA).The processing speed will be improved approximately in proportion to the number of cores of the multi-core CPU. IWFR v2.0.3 releasedWe further reviewed and modified the none mode of cross-correlation used for image alignment and refinement.

HREM Research News – June 2021

HREM-Filters v4.1.1 releasedThis release includes two bug fixes for Create Upsampled Image and Local 2D Wiener/Difference Filter, respectively. The former was introduced when we add new capability, and the latter will happen at a special circumstance. Please all the users update their copy.

HREM Research News – March 2021

PPA v4.0 is formally releasedThis release includes Distortion Analysis. Using Distortion Analysis you can analyze a peak distance and angle from the peak-pairs information and the peak positions of a complexstructure. Furthermore, you can calculate a rotation of a structural unit (e.g. tetrahedron or octahedron), or investigate the peak displacement for electric dipole analysis. SmartAlign …

HREM Research News – December 2020

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