HREM Research News-September 2022

1. xHREM v5.1.2Line Profile capability for the bitmap image was adjusted for the new development environment, and the GUI was fine-tuned. 2. SmartAlign v2.6.3 (being released soon)Multi-Frame (MF) SI data collection routine now supports new DualEELS data names (EELS LL/HL SI), and now we can save these data.

HREM Research News – May 2022

qDPC STEMx module v1.3.1 releasedNow, it becomes possible to generate DPC signals by directly reading the large 4D-STEM file that cannot be opened due to a limited available memory on an offline processing PC. Integrating data reading with DPC signal generation improves usability and, more importantly, decreases total processing time.Currently, this capability is available only …