HREM Research News – May 2022

  1. qDPC STEMx module v1.3.1 released
    Now, it becomes possible to generate DPC signals by directly reading the large 4D-STEM file that cannot be opened due to a limited available memory on an offline processing PC. Integrating data reading with DPC signal generation improves usability and, more importantly, decreases total processing time.
    Currently, this capability is available only with GMS 3.4 and 3.5.
  1. Spectrum Wobbler updated
    When Drift Correction is performed while acquiring SI data, at the same time the energy drift is also corrected. Therefore, if the spectrum is moved by using the Prism Shift, the zero-loss peak displacement is also adjusted and the whole spectrum shifts before and after Drift Correction. As a countermeasure, we added Prism Adjust to the top of the list of methods to move the spectrum.