HREM Research News – March 2022

  1. PPA v5.0 released
    The PPA v5.0 has been uploaded. In addition, Non-Local Average (NLA) module has been released.
    includes new functionalities such as the Wiener filter inFourier space, and improvement on the Find Peaks command to detect weak peaks (say, nitrogen in GaN), and some useful improvements.
    When you get a message “Feature not found”, please contact our support, since you have to update your license.
    gives an image averaged over a time-series images (a sequence of images obtained by repeating the measurements on the same object). Here, a weighted-average is performed according to the similarity of a small area along the time axis.
    Thus, the NLA can carry non-local registration out, and reduce the scan noise without degrading resolution and improves signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio.
    Since the NLA is extremely time-consuming, the NLA module provides the GPU version as well as the optimized C++ version. Even without the NLA license, you can still use the Script version to evaluate the functionality of the NLA module.