HREM Research News – February 2022

  1. xHREM v5.0 release
    xHREM v5.0 has finally been released. From v5.0, all the GUI and the numerical solver become 64-bit compatible. This is essential for MacHREM.
    Furthermore, you can use NVIDIA GPU for STEM calculation with WinHREM.
    When you get a message “Feature not found”, you have to update your license.
  1. PPA v5.0 please notice
    The version v5.0 that will be released in March are preparing with the following new features:
    i) Non-local average (a type of non-rigid alignment) of time series: you can reduce random noise of low-dose time series images, and obtain a sharp and smooth average image;
    ii) Robust detection of weak peaks such as nitrogen in GaN;
    iii) Fourier space Wiener filter, etc.