Free Programs/Utilities

  • ModelView (3D Atomic Model Viewer)
  • CTF (TEM Contrast Transfer Function Display)

Commercial Programs

Licensed ProgramsYou have to purchase a license (hardware key) to run this program.
Please send your price enquiry to

  • HREM Simulation Suite (32bit/64bit) v4.5.0
    (xHREM, CBED Extenstion and STEM Extenstion)
  • STEM Extension Cluster (STEM Extenstion Cluster 32/64bit version)
    A separate license is required for each node PC.
  • New Features of xHREM at v3.6 (Oct. 2011): see the details
  • New Feature of STEM Extension at v4.4 (Nov. 2018): Second annular detector.
    You can calculate at the same time two images from annular detectors, such as HAADF and ABF images, or HAADF and LAADF images.
  • New Feature of STEM Extension at v4.5 (Sept. 2020): DPC signal simulation
    Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) signal can be simulated with this version. The DPC signal can be integrated to give a phase distribution by using the qDPC plug-in for DigitalMicroscope.
    STEM-DPC ReadMe
    STEM-DPC bata
  • User Key Driver / Remote Update System (RUS)

Previous version

From xHREM v3.6 a HASP HL (SRM) key is required. The users who are using a HASP4 key or an old HASP HL key need to upgrade their key to a new HASP HL (SRM) key.
Please contact to for the cost to upgrade your key.