This plug-in gives a capability for a scripter to handle mouse clicks. There are two kind of mouse clicks (Mouse 1: Square Box; Mouse 2: Circle), which are numbered separately. This mouse tool is extensively used by the commercial plug-ins provided by the HREM Research. The manual below explains how to get the mouse positions in your script.


Manual (PDF)


for GMS 3.6 (64bit)*
for GMS 3.5 (64bit)*
for GMS 3.4 (64bit)*
for GMS 3.3 (64bit)*
for GMS 3.2 (64bit)* (applicable from GMS 3.0)
for GMS 2.3 32bit    GMS 2.3 64bit
for GMS 2.1 32bit    GMS 2.1 64bit (applicable from GMS 2.0)
for GMS 1.x (32bit)


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