HREM Research News- May 2024

    1. MSA: Local PCA Award
    Our MSA has a capability called Local PCA. Spatially Local processing may be effective when there is an interface, and Spectrally Local processing may be effective when the signal of interest is weak. If you have reported using such Local PCA, please contact us. After strict screening, we will send you an award that will surprise you. The deadline is the end of this year.
    MSA v3.0, released last month, has significantly improved processing speed.
    If you have a license, please experience the difference.

    2. Holography plug-in: qHolo plug-in
    We are currently working with CEMES/CNRS (France) to develop a plug-in for Holography called “qHolo.” qHolo implements all the functions necessary for Holography processing, and the current HoloLive becomes a qHolo module that acts as a real-time function to assist data collection.

    3. Annual meeting of Japan Microscopy Society
    We will be exhibiting at the 80th annual meeting to be held in Makuhari on June 3rd-5th. If you are attending the meeting, please feel free to stop by our booth.