HREM Research News – June 2020

1. GMS 3.4-savvy plug-in DLLs (Second edition)Now, GMS 3.4 gives a warning message informing you that there is an incompatibility issue with the old plugin DLL.  To address this issue, we will release the new plug-in DLLs in sequence. This month we have released the following plug-ins for GMS 3.4:DeConvEELS v3.6.1; DeConvEELS SI v3.6.5
DeConvHAADF v3.4
Jitterbug v3.1
HoloDark v1.6
PPA v4.0
qHAADF v1.7.1
The already updated plug-ins: GPA, qDPC, SmartAlign, HREM-Filters, IPU, HREM Mouse, HREM Picker.
2. DPC simulation using xHREM/STEM Extension DPC (Differential Phase Contrast) is a technique to obtain phase contrast in STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy). Since we can observe  light elements using the DPC, this technique has been attracting much attention in recent years.Now, we have added the capability to create the DPC signals to our STEM Extension. This DPC signal is calculated as a center of diffraction intensity at each scanning point. We will release a beta version shortly. Please contact to support, if you are interested in this capability.