Dec. 01, 2008


Multivariate Statistical Analysis (MSA) for DigitalMicrograph


Higashimatsuyama, Saitama, Japan (Dec. 01, 2008): HREM Research Inc. formally released Multivariate Statistical Analysis (MSA) for DigitalMicrograph, which was introduced at the M&M2008 in Albuquerque, USA and EMC2008 in Aachen, Germany. MSA is an advanced tool for Spectrum Images (SIs), and works with Gatanfs DigitalMicrograph as a plug-in. MSA finds statistically significant features buried under a heavy statistical noise from 2D and 3D spectrum images gathered by spectrometric techniques such as XEDS, EELS, EFTEM and cathodoluminescence.


MSA is originally developed by Masashi Watanabe mainly at Lehigh University. It features Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and automatically extracts statistically significant spectral features. It also includes several utilities to handle SIs efficiently and to import spectra obtained by other acquisition systems than Gatan DigitalMicrograph.


"A Spectrum image is extremely redundant, since each component spectrum spans the same energy range, and contains the same features specific to the element in the sample," said Dr. Kazuo Ishizuka, President of HREM Research Inc. gThus, we can extract statistically significant information buried under extremely heavy noise without degrading spatial information, as we can see from an attached figure. Every SI data should be processed in this way to extract hidden information.h

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Supplementary materials

Raw and MSA-reconstructed Cu maps in irradiated low-alloy steel.