Download page for DigitalMicrographTM (Gatan Inc.) Scripts and Plugins. There are two types programs, namely, Citation-wares and Commercial-wares.

Title (Description) Author System
KsEELS (Acquire high-resolution EELS by accumulations) K. Kimoto DM3.8-
HREM Filters Lite (Noise Filters for HREM images) HREM GMS1.7-/2.0-
IPU (Image Processing Utility) HREM GMS1.7-/2.0-
HREM Mouse (Mouse Tool for Scripter) HREM GMS1.7-/2.0-
Acquire Image Series
(Acquire Through-focus/Fixed-focus TEM/STEM images)
HREM GMS1.7-/2.0-
HREM Picker (Picker Tool) HREM GMS1.7-/2.0-
Spectrum Wobbler (Spectrum Wobbler) HREM GMS2.0-
  1. The user should give the credit to the author(s) by citing specified reference(s) when he/she publishes the result by using the Citation-ware. Feel free to use the Free-ware.
  2. All questions may be sent to the contact address of each Citation-ware/Free-ware.
  3. HREM Research Inc. will neither take responsibility for any problems caused by Citation-ware, nor guarantee its functionality.

Title (Description) System
DeConvEELS (Improve energy resolution of EELS by deconvolution) GMS1.7-/2.0-
DeConvHAADF (Improve spatial resolution of HAADF image by deconvolution) GMS1.7-/2.0-
QPt for DM (Phase determination based on Transport of Intensity Equation) GMS1.7-/2.0-
IWFR for DM (Iterative exit wave reconstruction from a focal series) GMS1.7-/2.0-
FTSR for DM (Exit wave reconstruction from a focal or tilt series using Wiener filter) GMS1.7-/2.0-
GPA for DM (Strain measurement based on Geometric Phase Analysis) GMS1.7-/2.0-
HREM Filters Pro (Sophisticated Noise Filters for HREM images) GMS1.7-/2.0-
PPA for DM (Strain measurement based on Peak-Pairs Analysis) GMS1.7-/2.0-
MSA for DM (Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Spectrum Image data) GMS1.7-/2.0-
HoloDark for DM (Strain measurement using Dark Field Holography) GMS1.8-/2.0-
QED for DM (Electron Diffraction measurement using Rocking Beam technique) GMS1.8-/2.0-
qHAADF for DM (Composition measurement based on HAADF intensity analysis) GMS1.8-/2.0-
Jitterbug for DM (STEM probe instability (Scan-noise) and Drift correction) GMS1.8-/2.0-
sMoiré for DM (Strain measurement using STEM Moiré images) GMS1.8-/2.0-
SmartAlign for DM (Non-rigid alignment for multi-exposure images) GMS1.8-/2.0-
EDT for DM (Data Collection using DM for Electron Diffraction Tomography (EDT)) GMS1.8-/2.0-
qDPC for DM (Quantitative phase retrieval from Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) signal) GMS2.0-
  1. A user-key is required to use Commercial-ware.
  2. All questions about Commercial-ware may be sent to HREM Research Inc.
  3. HREM Research Inc. will take no responsibility for any problems caused by Commercial-ware.

Please send your questions and inquiries to