About HREM Research Inc.

Founded in 2001, HREM Research Inc. specializes in developing products and services that enhance High-Resolution Electron Microscopy (HREM) application.    MacHREM and WinHREM, the company's flagship product, were developed by Dr. Kazuo Ishizuka, the founder of a company, who established the whole technique for HREM image simulation.

HREM Image Simulation: MacHREM, WinHREM
STEM Image Simulation
Coherent CBED Simulation
Commercial Plug-ins distribution
Freeware (Citation-ware) distribution
Custom plug-in development (Currently,no application will be accepted)
  • Distribution of EM Related Software
DigitalMicrograph (Gatan) (Now,off-line version is free)

Please send your request for a quotation to support@hremresearch.com
  • Microscope Control by using DigitalMicrograph
CAEM(Computer Assisted Electron Microscopy)
LowDose software for JEOL
Complex Electron Microscopy
Custom Microscope Control development (Currently,no application will be accepted)
  • Development of Scientific Simulation Programs
X-ray Topography Sumilation Software
Japanese translation site of REALbasic University
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