Oct. 28, 2004

QPt for DigitalMicrograph


HHigashimatsuyama, Saitama, Japan (Oct. 28, 2004): HREM Research Inc. today announced it is shipping QPt for DigitalMicrograph, an image processing software for electron Microscopy.


QPt for DigitalMicrograph provides a digital solution to phase contrast electron microscopy based on the QPI technology developed by IATIA (Box Hill North, Victoria, Australia). Using QPI, a quantitative phase image is obtained from only three ordinary bright-field images.


QPt is fully integrated into DigitalMicrograph, an image acquisition and processing software developed by Gatan Inc. (Pleasanton, CA, USA). Therefore, the user can process images taken directly from an electron microscope using Gatan's high performance CCD camera or images already archived in various formats, and enjoy DigitalMicrograph's image processing capabilities.


"Most materials used in electron microscopy are phase objects," said Dr. Kazuo Ishizuka, President of HREM Research Inc. "QPt will enable new applications of electron microscopy in biological and materials science. We recently demonstrated that QPt is also applicable to atomic resolution microscopy and able to correct for aspherical aberration, thereby improving the resolution of the electron microscope."


Using the phase information QPt can generate various imaging modalities, which in the past have been limited to optical microscopy, including Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Zernike Phase Contrast (ZPC), Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC) and Darkfield.



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