March 9, 2005

IWFR for DigitalMicrograph


Higashimatsuyama, Saitama, Japan (March 9, 2005): HREM Research Inc. has introduced "IWFR for DigitalMicrograph," image processing software for high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM).


IWFR stands for Iterative Wave Function Reconstruction. The method iteratively reconstructs the wave function at the specimen exit surface from a through-focal series of HREM images (a set of image intensities measured in different planes) and was developed by the group of Assoc. Prof. Les Allen at the University of Melbourne. Using the reconstructed wave function, optical aberrations, e.g. spherical aberration, can be corrected. Therefore, IWFR is a Cs corrector implemented by means of software. It is noteworthy that IWFR can be used with typically five images. The use of further images enhances the robustness of the algorithm in the presence of noise. The IWFR method also corrects for known spatial and temporal incoherence in the microscope.


IWFR is fully integrated into DigitalMicrograph, image acquisition and processing software developed by Gatan Inc. (Pleasanton, CA, USA). Therefore, the user can process images taken directly from an electron microscope using Gatan's high performance CCD camera or images already archived in various formats, and utilize DigitalMicrograph's image processing capabilities.


"This is our second software product for exit wave reconstruction," said Dr. Kazuo Ishizuka, President of HREM Research Inc. "The first, QPt,. works with only three images, while IWFR can utilize a greater number of images, minimizing the effects of noise. We are also developing a third product, FTSR, that will work with a tilt series of images. Then HREM will be in a position to cater for a very wide range of user needs."

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