Sentinel HASP Download


Device Driver (HASP HL/SRM Run-time GUI Installer):
     for Windows Sentinel HASP Driver for Windows (v7.92)
     for Mac OS Sentinel HASP Driver for Mac OS (v7.92)
     You may find the latest driver at SafeNet (Aladdin) HASP Download Page

RUS (Remote Update System) (Windows only)
     for DeConvEELS/DeConvHAADF/HREM-Filters Pro/MSA/Jitterbug/SmartAlign/qDPC
     for QPt/IWFR/FTSR/GPA/PPA/HoloDark/QED/qHAADF/sMoire/EDT/HoloLive!
     for xHREM Suite

    NOTE: Please DO NOT send the c2v file to us, unless we request you to do so.

     How to update your key using RUS:
1.Update the device driver, if it is not the latest one.
2.Run the application with one dongle attached, and collect current key status information (a c2v file is created).
3.Send the c2v file by email to
4.We will send back a new key status information (a v2c file) by email.
5.Run the same application with the dongle attached, and apply license update (the v2c file).
NOTE: Use the latest HASP Driver and a correct RUS for the dongle to be updated.